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Aromatherapy Spritz Sprays – Custom

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Organic essential oils

A unique and very personal Aromatherapy blend, custom made intuitively for you.

  • Artisan Quality
  • Custom made
  • Organic
  • 100% Natural
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Palm oil free
  • New Glass bottle
  • Made with Love


Aromatherapy Spritz Spray – Custom Blends

You name it… Blends are available for most ailments for people. Anxiety, allergies, insomnia, depression, lethargy, hyperactivity, headaches, etc.

They are intrinsically blended to help all kinds of conditions.

I Wish,

Tell me your problem or ailment in the text field provided.

Custom Spritz blends are only worth doing for 120ml bottles. However, the custom massage oils are available in 50ml and 100ml glass bottles.

Custom massage/ healing blends.

Pictured is personal spritz 100ml – Cobalt essential oil safe glass bottle with silver spray top.

How To Use – Always shake bottle very well before spraying, if it’s a personal spritz, start off slowly with 1-2 sprays and increase if required. Use sensibly. Some essential oils can make you a little ‘Dizzy’.

Room Spray use as required but always shake the bottle to disperse the essential oils.

Away from your cat! Cats do not have the ability to process the constituents of essential oils. The Children’s Calming spray is ok around cats though as Hydrosols are the finest and most diluted. Always leave an exit for your pet incase the scent is too strong.

Ingredients An intrinsic, synergistic blend which works together like magic to address cells that are imbalanced, memories which are outdated, no longer serve us and just toxic, heavy ‘junk’.

Your Higher Self wants to help you heal. Essential oils support abundant health.


To just have something that supports you and lifts you up, comforts, protects and cleanses, it’s a positive start.


100% Pure therapeutic grade essential oils, Lavender hydrosol, distilled water, Witch Hazel Extract plus the amazing synergistic blend of essential oils, 2.5%.

No artificial ingredients!


All that changed for me. Essential oils seem to mend us first at an emotional level. To me, having multitude physical symptoms improve as well was just a bonus (An awesome one at that!) There is always a ripple effect which magnifies as it goes. So many mind, body, spirit links, so intrinsically connected, it’s just like my headaches go, I also feel stronger and the cough I had for weeks, disappeared. I don’t know what fixed it exactly, but this what I used while going through some physically rough and emotional times.

Additional information

Weight 150 g

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