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Baby Powder – Natural Safe Talc/ Aluminium-free

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Safe, Natural, Non Toxic

Ingredients – Arrowroot powder*, White Clay, Calendula Powder*, Chamomile Powder*, Vanilla powder*,  Chamomile pure essential oil*




Baby Powder

Concerned about the chemicals your baby or child is absorbing? You should be!

They all contain dangerous ingredients proven to be a health hazard and motivation likely based on greed. Try one that not only supports an Aussie battler with ethical beliefs and a goal to be the best but the products, they are outstanding. Safety first as usual especially for young lungs. Nothing nasty here to harm your precious child now or in later years.

With soothing Organic Chamomile as a main ingredient, this powder will help skin heal while absorbing moisture. Organic Arrowroot powder is a safe alternative to Talc and has good absorption, it’s gentle and mild. Chamomile is famous for helping children sleep! It will calm the most frazzled of nerves.

  • All Natural
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Palm oil free
  • Cruelty free

Every time you use baby powder, particles float through the air and it is inhaled. There was a study pooling the results of eight research papers involving almost 2,000 women found an increased risk of between 20% and 30% for ovarian cancer in women who used talc for what some newspapers reporting the study call “intimate personal hygiene” but doctors call the genital area. Although studies are inconclusive on Talc and Cancer. I wouldn’t take the risk, would you?

Commercial products targeted to children contain a great deal of chemicals which are skin irritants and can cause major health issues. Lungs being the most susceptible. This baby powder contains no aluminium, asbestos or talc.

This product is very gentle and made especially to help women and Children avoid conditions that seem especially prevalent in Talcum powder users since the 1970’s. Just because a Company has been around forever, doesn’t mean it’s good. This was a reality check “Shock” for me who believed whatever was made years ago was good quality. I guess they lost their principles along the way.

New large size refillable bottle 90ml

For more information on the dangers of Talc, here are a couple of links.




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