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Aromatherapy Massage Oil – 100% Natural+ Custom Blends




Aromatherapy Massage Oil

Custom Intuitive Blend

If you have a particular condition, order this option to have a massage oil made just for you.

A beautiful smooth natural massage oil, custom made according to your needs. 

Uses - Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Hyperactivity, Headaches, Muscular cramps, Period or muscle pain, Pregnancy, Baby safe, . Ideal for massage therapy or self massage. 

In a base of natural carrier oils of any combination - Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel, Macadamia or olive oil (Nut oil free is available) with 100% pure essential oils chosen specifically for assisting with your particular condition.

I am available for custom blends for most ailments. Usual wait time is 2 days.

Results will be different for everyone as everyone is unique. 

Your blend however will be made just for you. What your higher self is asking for, so to speak. If this is to be a gift for someone, please write their name.

The product will contain the best Essential oils reknown to help alleviate symptoms from physical states such as Headaches, muscle aches, dry skin etc, and emotional and spiritual states which can be improved by using essential oils. Using a combination of essential oils creates a synergistic power house which has a very effective result for what is needed. Using only pure first grade (organic where possible) essential oil and natural skin loving organic carrier oils.

This also includes blends for dogs and babies.

Available in 30ml glass bottle or 50ml glass bottle.
Another Option is an off the shelf massage oil base of 100ml with 2.5% essential oils. Made for Relaxation.

Sleepy Head Blend

Sleepy Head massage oil for inducing relaxation and promoting restful sleep.

In a base of natural carrier oils of Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel, Macadamia, Hemp seed oil, Jojoba and olive oil with 100% pure essential oils chosen specifically for assisting with insomnia and restless sleep. With vitamin E.

Ingredients 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils of Marjoram, Organic Roman Chamomile, Organic Clary Sage, Sweet Orange, Lemon Balm, Frankincense and Lavender.

A beautiful smooth natural massage oil for Insomnia. Ideal for massage therapy or self massage.

Aromatic Essentials is Certified Cruelty free.
No animals are harmed in any stage of production of these ingredients. All ingredients also come from Cruelty free suppliers.

NO chemicals, NO animal products, No detergents. All NATURAL guaranteed!



The information on, or promotional material does not replace professional health advice. Aromatic Essentials will not be held liable for any consequences of use of this website, promotional material or products. Please read the essential oils safety data and perform a patch test before using any products to avoid sensitisation or reaction. All statements are, in the best of my knowledge truthful. Understand to use the information provided as educational but not professional medical advice. Aromatic Essentials does not claim to cure any illness or disease by use of any products. Always consult your health professional should you experience symptoms of any allergic reaction.

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