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PAIN PACK-Comfrey and Tiger Balm Duo – For Muscle aches and Pain. ****Special Offer **** AU$15.00 # + All # + Aromatherapy # + Gifts under $25 # + Most Popular # + New # + Specials # + Website Home #ecw4565246 *** SPECIAL OFFER *** Comfrey Balm – Neuralgia Treatment PLUS a Small jar of Tiger Balm for one low price! Comfrey Pain Relief for muscular aches and pains and also as a skin balm. Comfrey herb has been made famous as the 'Knitbone' herb and for centuries, has been reportedly used to assist sufferers experiencing muscle aches and pain from over use, prolapsed discs, fibromyalgia, muscle stiffness or any pain or discomfort associated with muscles and joints. Many testimonials from all around the world have been written on this amazing herb. Comfrey has traditionally been used to help speed up wound healing and encourage the formation of new tissue through its allantoin content, a powerful botanical extract known to promote the formation of tissue. It's anti-inflammatory properties have traditionally been used, to help alleviate and encourage the healing of – ulcers, bruises, sprains, wounds, joint inflammation, bruises, rheumatoid arthritis, phlebitis, gout and fractures, bronchial problems, broken bones, sprains, arthritis, gastric and varicose ulcers, severe burns, acne and other skin conditions. It is reputed to have bone and teeth building properties in children, and have value in treating many female disorders. The herb contains allantoin, a cell proliferant that speeds up the natural replacement of body cells. Constituents of comfrey also include mucilage, steroidal saponins, tannins, pyrrolizidine alkaloids, inulin, and proteins. I've been informed that my Comfrey Balm also helps with period cramps. I have combined the best herbs, essential oils and extracts into this amazing balm to be massaged into sore parts of the body. This 'mostly' organic balm has been used and recommended by people suffering with Fibromyalgia, neck and back injuries, frozen shoulder, RSI, tennis elbow and noticeable pain relief in recovery from hip replacement surgery. It is used by fibro patients and those with 'unexplained' muscle pain on a daily basis with rem

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