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100% Natural Skincare 

How to Use and Store Products

For Creams and Ointments.

Best method is to apply to affected areas after a shower or bath when the skin is most absorbent. Apply 3-4 times per day or as needed. Ointments can be used in massage therapies and have a very good coverage per small amount. The creams, balms and ointments can also be used as a salve and placed on non stick  gauze in contact with the skin and bandage holds it in place. 

In very hot weather, store your skin products in the fridge if not using daily.

To help your soap last longer whilst showering, Wet your hands and body, lather up the soap in your hands then apply all over, instead of using the soap under hot running water to lather up directly. This will give you many more showers and better value. You may be accustomed to using commercial soaps differently but they are inherently full of chemicals and Palm oil which makes the bars hard. So natural soaps are much softer.
Taking care of natural soaps is important. You need to keep the soap dry between uses and a draining soap dish will accomplish this.

Aromatic Essentials 

All Aromatic Essentials products are natural and contain no chemicals. In order to prevent your product spoiling it must contain some sort of preservative. I use the MOST NATURAL preservative I can lay my hands on. I use a preservative called Naticide which is a derivative of Almonds. I support the preservation with Vitamin E which extends the shelf life of all oils, Rosemary Extract is also an antioxidant, and essential oils which have anti bacterial, anti microbial, antiseptic properties help prolong the life of the product (and offer good skin health too).

I have left out harmful chemical preservatives, as preservatives in products are the highest rating irritants and cause the most toxicity.

It is best if the creams are stored in the fridge when they are not used daily.

Patch Test

Always do a patch test on your inner wrist and apply a band-aid. If you notice nothing in 18-24 hours, the product is safe to use. If you have any concerns or you ever have ANY reaction, discontinue use and see your healthcare professional. To date, there have been no side affects or reactions by anyone using these products. 

Creams/Balms (Calendula, Comfrey, Nappy Rash, Hand Cream, Moisturiser) 

Best time to use the creams are after a bath or shower to towel dried skin.

Apply sparingly to chosen areas as needed. The creams have good massage coverage so only a little is needed to rub in.  If you suffer severe eczema or related skin disorders you may also smear the cream onto a clean cloth or non stick pad and apply as a compress or leave overnight. Bandage it to keep it there.
Topical products will only nourish and moisturise the skin alleviating the symptoms, diet and inner health will address the cause more thoroughly.

Keep products out of direct light, store in the fridge and use only CLEAN fingers or tissue when dipping them in the jar. This will keep the product fresh and long lasting. ENJOY!

How to store and use natural soaps.

You need a Soap Deck!

Keep soaps dry between use and do not leave them sitting in a puddle or under hot running water, as this will turn your natural soap to mush.

If you find that your soap is still too soft, leave it in the cupboard to cure for a longer period of time. Not all bars are the same or contain the same oils, and highly moisturising soaps are much softer than their higher cleansing partners. Castile soap for instance takes 6 months to cure to be its astonishing, extra-mild, skin loving soulmate. 

The longer you leave your soap the harder it will cure. Use within 2 years for most soap, 3 years for Castile.

If you have not read how wonderful coconut oil is in skin care, you can look here for more info..

Look after your products, and they will continue to look after you!

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