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Cocoa Butter and Anti aging Skin Repair

Cocoa Butter:
Botanical Name- Theobroma cacao
Origin- Africa
Extraction- Expeller Pressed/Refined from Cocoa Beans
Shelf life- Approx. 3 year if stored in a cool dark place

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Magnesium Oil v Bath v Cream. You will be SHOCKED!

…compared to the lipophilic nature of a water and oil emulsion (lotion/Cream), Such as Aromatic Essentials brand – Magnesium Essentials. To discover why this brand is the best l…

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So, why use Aromatic Essentials?

What is so great about Aromatic Essentials, apart from the products are vegan, and cruelty free, which also includes not tested on animals,. That was important to me and Aromatic E is Certified.
No palm oil, or beeswax.
Amazing herbal products.

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