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100% Natural Skincare 

Childrens Natural Castile Soap - Gentle and Mild

Natural CASTILE soap!

Childrens natural castile soap is extra moisturising and contains so many incredible natural oils. 

Castile soap is very hard when kept dry between uses (using a soap dish) and lasts for an extremely long time.

Castile soap takes 6 months to cure to be its astonishing, extra-mild, skin loving soulmate, widely used by people with extra sensitive skin, newborns, children, elderly, psoriasis and eczema sufferers etc. Castile soap is for EVERYONE. My castile soap has cured for 12 months. Even people who usually can't use soap because it dries their skin out and makes it sore, love my soap.

"True" Castile Soap uses 100% olive oil but I find this a little slimy, so I add another oil as well for the benefits of both the oils synergistically. Coconut oil makes it more moisturising and cleansing with more bubbles. These two work very well together so this is what I make now.


I like to add Organic unrefined Shea butter, Organic Cocoa butter and add another awesome oil or two to super-fat the soap with nutrients. All my soaps contain Extra virgin all natural, cold pressed Olive Oil, and natural Coconut oil, organic shea butter, cocoa butter, Hemp seed oil and Organic Castor oil. Additional oils and butters added according to the soap's purpose. Face care bars are mild and contain additional oils such as evening primrose, rosehip, jojoba and Vitamin E.

Dry skin sufferers like to see these additional oils in their soap. The healing properties of these oils if added precisely at the right time in soap making impart luxury and nutrition to your skin. 

For more info about the benefits of Olive oil in soap please read here

Childrens Natural Castile soaps are safe even for infants, elderly and skin problem sufferers. Extremely mild and gentle. Aromatic Essentials Guaranteed All Natural.

"There's no other product like it... Anywhere!"

The original Castile Soap