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I can't claim my products do anything, but I can share a personal experience or two.

Many years ago, I made a soap for a friends Staffy, who had a nasty scab on his whole rump to tail section. Poor dog was going crazy scratching it non stop. So I made a special soap with ingredients reported to be beneficial for skin conditions, not only did the dogs back clear up, but I was asked for 6 bars! My friend, in a desperate need for relief of his itchy and irritated eczema, used the dog soap.

He had been trying different products, natural and chemical for more than 20 years and having no relief until he used my soap.

Isn't this how so many wonderful inventions are discovered?

Very inspiring I might say :)What have the results been like from our customers?

What do you think of the products, how have they helped you? How do you like the consistency, smell, coverage, results?

Quotes I have been trying your 3 in 1 cleanser, moisturiser and mask. My skin is very sensitive and dry and I have trouble with lots of products it is very hard to buy something that agrees with my skin so far it has been a week and my skin feels lovely and soft and looks clear it isnt red anymore this stuff is great, also thanks For the free moisturiser that is beautiful as well and Ive just ordered another one. Many thanks Deb S from Millicent Quotes
Very happy

Quotes I am a big believer in using natural products in our home. When I came across Aromatic Essentials and their natural deodorant I had to try it. I also included in my order the three in one face cleanser/mask/moisturiser and the mechanics soap. When our package arrived I was over the moon! Penny had included many samples of which are just amazing too ... The goats milk soap is perfect for our small people. A big believer in supporting small business, we will be back for more goodies soon! Thank you so much for all you do Penny ... we love your products :) xxx Quotes
Sacha Sampson

Quotes I Just received this (Organic Coconut Cream and Lime) soap yesterday and I can say it is the most luxurious soap I have used so far!!! It has a thick, luscious lather, cleanses beautifully and I was contemplating on whether to put on moisturizer after the shower because my skin was sooooo soft....I actually didn't! I would go as far as even recommending it to men for shaving! xxxx Quotes
I LOVE This soap!!!

Quotes I bought the roll on deoderant and it's just beautiful, it smells amazing and keeps me smelling clean and fresh all day and I think in even sweat less!! I also got the hemp oil soap and it's so nice on my skin and it smells great too!! It easily rinses off after without leaving that ''Slimy' feeling the supermarket shower gels leave behind . I'm so impressed with the products I received I can't wait to order more products!! :) Quotes
Amanda Spilsted
Devine products!

Quotes I love Aromatic Essentials Products! I find the Children's calming Spritz a life saver! With 3 rowdy boys in the house and a baby it helps to calm the atmosphere and helps everyone go off to sleep at night including my husband who suffers with mild insomnia. The smell is fresh and clean yet not over powering. It's an essential in my house now. Quotes
Krystle Raldini
Childrens Calming Spritz

Quotes After years of trying nearly every natural product I've finally found a balm for Neuralgia. Comfrey Balm takes away the fire in the nerves, it soothes the muscles and provides instant relief throughout my body. I've found it very effective if combined with exercise, proper stretching and yoga. The soreness disappears and the muscles repair extremely fast. I highly recommend this product for anyone who suffer from any type of nerve damage, fibromyalgia and any form of muscle tenderness. Quotes
Fantastic Product, Highly recommended

Quotes My Caity will vouch for the medicinal properties for the Calendula cream. She has written you a letter because the Calendula you recommended has worked wonders on her mystery bald patches and she is so thrilled. The horrible scaliness just came right off after one application and, lo and behold - there is new hair growth underneath! We are very happy, thank you so much! xxx Quotes
Meg and Caity

Quotes After cutting up a fallen tree that was full of ants i was bitten on the neck around my collar, a few week later i developed a nasty red rash from it , i dropped in to see my mate Penny for a coffee and was asked what i had done. straight away she grabs some Calendula cream and puts it on my neck me being a sceptic tells her nothing has worked on it yet and i have had it for a week, later that day the redness and itchy heat have subsided to manageable irritation i continued to use the cream twice a day , now 2 weeks later it has gone to my utter amazement , recommend the cream , i will try on other irritations in future as well. thank Penny. Quotes

Quotes I have been using a new cleansing cream and I was really amazed at how my skin felt afterwards. So clean, soft and like I've just had a face lift. haha! It has a really nice after feel as well, not greasy and. I'm quite happy using this as a moisturiser too. I really like the natural scent of this one and I can tell it has heaps of good stuff in it. Quotes

Quotes Ahhh. My face is as amazing as ever. I met a girlfriend today that told me my skin was beautiful and I didn't look 41. Best compliment ever! Using the oatmeal soap, Calendula cleanser, ylang ylang moisturising cream and the facial scrub. Amazing products!!! SS Quotes
Amazing Products!