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Natural Shampoo Experiment

Posted by Penny on November 25, 2013 at 4:55 AM

Ok, so for some time now I have wanted to jump on the natural hair care band wagon. (The NO POO method, as they say)

I made a few batches of shampoo, but it was horrible to use, just wouldnt cut through all that build up on my hair, it was literally repelling the product. The next batch was better but I still wasn't happy. I knew what it needed but could I find the ingredients that were natural, to do what I needed?

We have arrived!!!
NO POO Shamps. its a Castile soap kind of shampoo, as natural as possible too!
Still tweaking the formula to be just a bit more nourishing for dry damaged hair.
The first day I used it, my hair was a tangled mess, not even possible to style while wet (but I did try)!
Using a wide tooth comb and my hemp seed hair oil I got it presentable. 
In all fairness, I washed massaged rinsed and REPEATED, so it was well and truly squeaky clean (and tangled- my hair is quite long).
When my hair was dry however, it was awesome, probably like our hair was when we were 5! Soft, light, clean and shiny.
It's funny how we think our hair is shiny when its loaded with chemical will see what I mean if you ever try it!

So tonight I will trial it for the second time and only wash once and rinse. If I still have trouble with it, next wash, I will smooth some of my hair oil into the middle and ends of my hair before washing.

I'm yet to decide on a scent, so have made this a special product where you can choose your own scent! I think thats kinda cool!

Its recommended to trial a new natural shampoo for 4 weeks as it can take that long for the chemicals and build up to be released from the hair and scalp and for your skin to adjust to a different PH. Some people give up before this time, but remember you only have to go through this phase once only before natural shampoo is a regular part of your life. I've heard people say over and over again, that they will never go back to commercial shampoo.
thats alot of chemicals no longer running down your entire body when you wash your hair in the shower. 
Thats a good enough reason for me to keep trying it. If I dont get exactly the results I'm after, I will further tweak my conditioner base to include more nourishing healing oil quantities. I'm pretty lucky to have the hair oil on hand and I really do recommend getting that with the shampoo and conditioner pack.
Ok so I will post my results some time in the future!

Wish me luck ;)

February 2014
I'm never going back to any other kind of shampoo. This is the first time in 26 years I have been symptom free of scalp psoriasis! My hair is awesome! no dandruff, no itching, no oiliness, no fly aways, no dry broken sections at the back, just healthy, naturally balanced, soft shiny hair and happy scalp. I recommend natural castle shampoo to everyone!

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Reply Ange
7:22 PM on November 10, 2014 
I love your shampoo and conditioner, was a bit weird at first as the shampoo does not lather (hoping this is what is suppose to happen), used to it now and love the way it makes my hair feel, I have long frizzy hair and with the added addition of apple cider vinegar final rinse my hair is much more manageable and feels lovely
Reply Chrissy Dixon
1:14 PM on June 10, 2014 
Wow this is exactly what I need tried everything , and believe it will work x thank you
Reply Penny
3:50 PM on February 19, 2014 
I will NEVER go back to commercial shampoo. i could not be happier with the condition of my hair. This is the God Honest truth. The improvement is amazing. Strong hair, shiny, behaved. No more itchy scalp. Natural shampoo forever! :)