Almost Finished

As some of you might know, 12 months ago I was scammed by a so called “Web Developer” who left me completely stranded and without a web site or the money I had been saving for years.

I had to learn wordpress and it definitely expanded my mind in an explosive way! Finally after all the sleepless nights and working my ass off, it is basically finished. However, I need a proofreader with a little time to look through all the pages. If that is you, please contact me.

Thank you.

 P.S For the purpose of helping others keep their hard earned money, the scammer was Web Beyond Solution who state they reside in Endeavour Hills, Victoria, but instead it’s India. Beware of Matthew Bollinger, if that’s even his real name.

Used an Australian website, phone number, email address. Victorian  police said they are able to divert those details to appear to be Australian. I was conned. They asked for more money, I disagreed and they just stalled until Paypal wouldn’t pay me back.

It is of great concern that in this day and age, there is no effective authority to protect us. No-one cares basically.

I won’t ever again hire a web developer that isn’t local and I can meet in person.

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