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Aromatic Essentials Story

Aromatic Essentials™ was first established in 1989 when a cream for nappy rash was desperately needed. I travelled everywhere looking for one, but they were all petroleum based or didn’t work. As a new mother, the happiness of my child was my top priority. I knew what I needed to do. 

organic butters manufacturing creams


I was already in a beautiful love affair with Aromatherapy and Complementary therapies, so it was naturally the next step. I supplied the pharmacy, shops and visitor centres, and so many parents experienced relief from nappy rash, damaged skin and eczema. I held stalls at The Harvey Harvest Festival, Health and wellness expos and random events. Finally there was an effective, safe alternative to the dangerous masses of chemicals sitting on supermarket shelves.

It was so successful, I expanded the formulation base of my natural, herbal preparations. Balms, Soaps, Face creams, Candles and laundry soap for soft fluffy nappies. Making my own safe, natural products was the start of an amazing journey; personally and for Aromatic Essentials™.

Going the Distance

Back in the late 80’s there were just a handful of businesses doing what I do: Tinderbox, Thurlby Herb Farm, Herb Circle, Rivendell Farm and a couple of others I bought supplies from. (Whittakers, Mundaring essential oils, etc.) No internet! so I did a lot of road trips.  

I  Requested Hundreds of books from all over Australia! 

Celebrating over 30 years of Herbal passion, learning and creating products of the highest standard have been so rewarding. It’s the feedback that inspires me to always do better.

I lovingly create over 120 products for almost everything and everyone. The natural ingredients Aromatic Essentials instill into every product makes a massive difference to people and pets with skin problems.

Product contains Hemp Seed Oil

chemicals common in skin care products

In fact, any product out there that is petroleum based or full of toxic chemicals has been the focus of my obsession, to replace with a plant based, chemical free alternative. 

My own Chronic health conditions and my children’s future wellbeing, was motivation enough to thoroughly educated myself on healthy choices. I discovered the potent power of herbs and essential oils as a patient with “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”. I tried everything I made, for inflammatory, chronically painful conditions and was encouraged by the results. I had some very wise and mature mentors too, herbalists, naturopaths, massage therapists, osteos and hippie friends who were only too happy to be my guinea pig.

Present Day

We moved to a house with a huge kitchen/Workshop in Mullalyup and opened The Little Soap Shop in 2016. Located between Kirup and Balingup, we created a flourishing, Organic, productive garden.

We grow our own Organic herbs, infuse our own plant matter into carrier oils, distill essential oils and delicate Floral waters and then add them to every product.

Nourishing, anti-oxidant, anti-aging, cell renewing, softening ingredients which can transform a simple cream into an enriched, nutritive, deluxe skin food with healing capabilities.

It’s What’s Inside That counts!

Organic percentages are always on the rise, but not the prices. I believe in People Over Profit and my profit margin is very slim. I design and print my own labels, (They were originally hand drawn individually!). 

I buy my organic oils like Olive oil, Coconut oil and Hemp seed oil in bulk from farmers down the road and around the world, so I can keep saving you money.

And of course I use affordable, recyclable, reusable, plain containers. A fancy  jar or bottle costs $3-$5 each so they can only keep prices low by cutting corners and limiting the Top Shelf Good Stuff” included in each product.

My personal mission is to make available, totally amazing skincare products – affordable to everyones

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