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I can't claim my products do anything, but I can share a personal experience or two.

Many years ago, I made a soap for a friends Staffy, who had a nasty scab on his whole rump to tail section. Poor dog was going crazy scratching it non stop. So I made a special soap with ingredients reported to be beneficial for skin conditions, not only did the dogs back clear up, but I was asked for 6 bars! My friend, in a desperate need for relief of his itchy and irritated eczema, used the dog soap.

He had been trying different products, natural and chemical for more than 20 years and having no relief until he used my soap.

Isn't this how so many wonderful inventions are discovered?

Very inspiring I might say :)What have the results been like from our customers?

What do you think of the products, how have they helped you? How do you like the consistency, smell, coverage, results?

Quotes "I just washed my face with the calendula cleanser - it is delicious! My face feels amazing. I love how it feels when I put my fingers into the container. It's light, bubbly and divine. Thank you so much xxx" Quotes
Love the smell!

Quotes i have had a problem with excema and joint pain for many years now, after my very first application of Calendula cream by Aromatic essentials i noticed an improved difference to my hands, and the itching was completely gone, after just 5 days of using this cream my excema had cleared up completely and it still hasn't come back, i apply the cream in the morning and in the evening and it hasn't returned and has actually helped my skin to heal, when it comes to my joint pain Penny recommended i use Comfrey cream which after first using the Calendula cream i was all for, within 2 hours of applying to the Comfrey cream to my back, and my joints and my hands i noticed a definite difference, normally i can't work on projects for too long especially knitting or crocheting but with the help of Aromatic essentials Comfrey cream i have been able in just 1 month to complete 3 blankets, and the Comfrey cream has also improved my mobility to where i can now run around and play with my children Quotes
Kyra Rodgers
Gloriously Happy Mum

Quotes I love Aromatic Essentials, i use it on both of my children and myself for our Eczema and it really helps reducing the redness and the irratating urge to itch it. Been using it for over 2 weeks and have seen great improvements in both my childrens Eczema and my own. I have also noticed that the scarring on my legs from itching my Eczema is actually starting to fade as well VERY HAPPY :) I have tried many creams, steroid creams, Qv washes, soaps without purfumes, creams my doctors have recommended but found nothing ever worked. I really do highly recommend Aromatic Essentials products to anyone that suffers from skin conditions. Thankyou Aromatic Essentials Quotes
Jessica Riley